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Welcome to Dependable System Engineering

Dependa​ble System Engineering is the worldwide leader in the OEM of honeycomb core composite structural panel machinery.  For over 40 years, we have helped companies like yours dramatically improve their quality & productivity.

Our machines are used by companies involved in the production of panels installed in numerous commercial & aerospace applications around the world.  The machines we manufacture are designed to operate with minimal operator assistance & eliminate the labor-intensive nature of producing these products.  Instead of 2 to 5 people involved for a full shift to create a stack of the material, 1 person can supervise 4 machines making twice as much per shift, per machine.

A unique advantage we bring to your facility is the sophisticated servo-driven design.  This allows enormous flexibility & your team the ability to change over widths/lengths in less than 5 seconds while the machines are running.

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 What Are Honeycomb Core & Composite Panels

Honeycomb core & composite panels are a hexagonal design structure based on the shape used in honeybee nests. The honeycomb design provides an exceptional combination of strength & efficiency while drastically reducing the weight of the panel. In general, honeycomb core panels are up to 40 times stronger than laminate panels.

The panels are manufactured in 2 ways via:


  • An expansion process utilizing aluminum

  A corrugation process from composite materials such as fiberglass, Nomex, Aramid paper reinforced plastic, phenolic-impregnated Kraft paper & carbon fiber

Lightweight honeycomb solutions are used in a wide range of industries including the aerospace, marine, military, construction & automotive markets.

Aluminum honeycomb, for example, is used as a flooring material in various aircraft. It provides exceptional strength & is lightweight. It is suitable for use at high temperatures & can withstand a variety of environmental factors.  Click here to read about additional advantages of aluminum honeycomb core.

Aramid fiber honeycomb is used in aerospace applications but often in more advanced capacities such as missile & hull components. This type of honeycomb finds use in various marine & military structures.

Polypropylene honeycomb, on the other hand, is used in various noise & vibration reduction applications such as acoustical panels. It offers relatively high strength for its weight & is easily formed by various thermoforming techniques.